Making a Reservation



(1) How do I make a reservation for a SF LIM365 car?


There are 3 ways:


  • On the web:
  • Phone: 1 (415) 359-3408
  • Text:    1 (415) 359-3408



(2) Where does SFLIMO365 have service?



You can ride with SFLIMO365 anywhere in Bay Area. Depending on the location, we can provide you with a vehicle and driver in 30 minutes - 12 hours.




 (3) What's the difference between the vehicle classes?


SFLIMO365 offers four vehicle classes, The predominant vehicle in our fleet is the Lincoln Town Car and descriptions are below:


Luxury: Lincoln Town Car, There are clean and safe, the vehicles can accommodate up to four passengers and three large bags.


SUV: Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator or similar. These vehicles accommodate up to six passengers and six large bags.


Stretch Limo:  Lincoln these vehicles accommodate up to 6,8 or 10 passengers and six large bags.


Hybrit / Prius: Toyota Prius or similar. These vehicles accommodate up to four passengers and three large bags.


If your passenger/bag counts exceeds the limits you will need to upgrade the vehicle type or you can reserve an additional vehicle. TLC safety regulations prohibit passengers and bags from riding in the front seat of the vehicle. The driver has the right to refuse the ride if the passenger/bag count exceeds the limits of the vehicle, which will result in extra charges for you, so please book accordingly.



(5) What information is collected during booking and how is this information used?


Any information you provide to us when booking is confidential and never shared with a third party.


We ask for the passenger name, pick-up and drop-off locations, vehicle type, credit card, cell phone number and email address. Your email address is used to send transitional-related communication. We also ask for the passenger's cell phone number so they can receive important SMS alerts on the day of their ride. You can opt out of providing us with an email and cell phone number; however this could result in a number of ride-related issues like missing an error in a reservation or being unable to locate your drive at pick-up, so we advise against this.


(6) What is the cancellation policy?


We know plans can change, so we've designed an industry leading cancellation policy that's flexible for our customers and supports our drivers. We respect your time and your driver's time too - so we won't charge cancellation fees (and any applicable ride-related expenses) unless your driver has already been assigned. See the specifics below.


  • RIDE NOW - if cancelled more than 24 hours prior to scheduled pick up time there is no charge; if cancelled less than 24 hours after scheduled pick up time, charge is $ 20 for Airport ride.
  • WAIT TIME we don’t charge for the wait time if we have the flight information we check the flight status and assign our drivers accordingly.
  • CAR SEAT (if requested) is charged $20, baby weight and age must be provided
  • PROCESSING FEE no charge.
  • TAX: Included on the price you see after booking.
  • TOLLS (if applicable).
  • PARKING: no charge
  • MEET AND GREET (inside pick up only) is charged $15




After You Book


(1) How will I know my car has arrived and what if I need to contact the driver?


If you've provided us with your cell phone number, you will receive an SMS alert to let you know your driver is on the way and again when he's arrived on site.


If you need to contact your driver for any reason, the best number at which to reach her/him will also be in the SMS alert. You can also always call us at 1 (415) 359-3408


Creating An Account


(1) What's the benefit of creating a SFLIMO365 account?


A SFLIMO365 account allows you to manage your current, canceled and closed reservations; cancel reservations from the web interface; manage payments methods and contact information; and most importantly expedite the check out process.


(2) Does SFLIMO365 offer corporate service?


Yes. We can work with you to customize a travel program that best suites you and your employees.


Rates & Fees


(1) How much will my SFLIMO365 ride cost?


SFLIMO365’s fares are flat rate from the pick-up to drop-off location. To get an estimate of your ride, please visit and enter your ride details with date and time.


(2) Are there additional or hidden fees?


SFLIMO365 does not have hidden fees. We show you your estimated total upfront, which includes all charges with the exception of wait time if applicable, additional stops, which cannot be calculated until the ride is complete.


(3) Is gratuity included or should I tip the drive when I exit?


You are not responsible for paying the driver a tip when exiting.


An additional gratuity can be added at your discretion.


(4) What other fees might I see on my final bill that was not on the ride confirmation?


Fees incurred during the ride cannot be estimated beforehand, so you'll see them only on your final bill. Any additional stops you request will be reflected on your final bill.


 (5) What if I'm running late or my flight is late - will my driver wait for me?


Yes, but please be aware after the wait time grace period you will be charged wait time. With an airport pick-up, if you've provided us with your flight information we will track your flight, in an effort to help you avoid wait time fees.


Our industry leading grace periods are: 30 minutes for a domestic flight/cruise terminal pick-up, 60 minutes for an international flight pick-up and 10 minutes anywhere else. After the grace period passes you will be charged wait time $1/minute.


We will try to reach you several times before completely canceling your ride. Once your grace period has ended we will wait and additional 60 minutes, reach out to you once more and then we will cancel the ride. You will then be responsible for the base fare, wait time fees and processing fees.





(1) Does the driver accept credit cards or cash?


Our drivers accept payments of any form preferred.


(2) Can I book and pay for a ride for someone else?


Yes. You will need to enter their information in the ride details, including the best number to contact the passenger. For payment method, you can enter/use your credit card information.


(3) Will I get a receipt of my ride?


Yes. You will receive a receipt within 1 minute once your ride is completed.


Airport Pick-ups


(1) What if my flight is early or delayed?


We ask for your flight information when booking your ride. This information allows us to track your flight - so early or late - when your flight arrives we'll be there. You have the option to disable flight tracking, but we advise against this. If your flight is early you may be kept waiting. If it's late you may incur unnecessary wait time fees.


(2) How will I find my driver? Do you provide meet & greet service?


We offer curb - side pick-up as standard service or meet & greet service for an additional fee of $15


If you've requested an inside pick-up your driver will meet you at baggage claim holding your name on our SFLIMO365 Logo.


If you're meeting your driver for curb - side pick-up, please call the driver when you've collected your luggage with the door # on the curb site using the number you received via SMS to arrange the pick-up location.




About The Vehicle


(1) I have a small child; do I need to bring my own seat?


You can reserve a child seat during the booking process, for an additional fee $20


If riding in California the law requires the passenger install the child seat.


(2) Do I need to put my child in a car seat?


Laws vary by state, so you should know and comply with the legal requirements.


(3) Can I smoke in a SFLIMO365 vehicle?


For health and safety reasons, we do not allow smoking in any vehicle.


(4) Is luggage allowed inside the vehicle?


All large luggage's must fit in the truck of the vehicle. If handheld luggage fits inside the vehicle, then it is permitted only the back seat. By law the front seat cannot hold passenger's luggage.


(5) What are the capacities of your vehicles?


Sedan – 4 passengers and 4 large bags
SUV - 6 passengers and 4-6 bags
Hybrid- 4 passengers and 4 bags
Stretch Limos - 6,8 10 passengers, 6 bags


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